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Project Results

Enhancing Volunteer Impact - 

Developing European Management Standards


The publication with research and analysis of the state of the art of volunteer manager training and qualifications possibilities in Europe has the main aim to identify and analyse the existing practices within and outside of the partnership since a complete understanding of the full picture in this respect is missing. 


This curricula will include 4 courses that can be taken  by interested candidates. The modules will cover volunteer management from different perspectives: the individual,  the organisational, the society levels, and continuous professional development for volunteering managers.


This project aims to ensure that through properly trained and qualified managers, volunteers across Europe are managed in a more ethical way, avoiding exploitation, instrumentalisation and job substitution. This publication will be useful in many contexts in European volunteering not limited to the context of the HE learning modules.


This educational resource will contribute considerably to enabling volunteers to be better managed and therefore have a greater impact and facilitate the engagement of even more people as volunteers and for a longer term engagement. This will mean that even more citizens from diverse backgrounds and realities will be able to contribute in a democratic and active way in their communities.


This guide will play a huge role in increasing the diversity and inclusivity in the volunteering sector with better trained and qualified volunteer managers able to assess the inclusiveness of the organisations where they are active, manage and follow up on proactive plans and strategies to mitigate risks of lack of inclusivity.


Increasing the capacity of communities as concerns disaster prevention, preparedness and recovery through having better trained and qualified volunteer managers is a main objective of this project. The common standards  will increase the ability of volunteers to contribute to this in a supportive environment. 

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