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Brussels Multiplier Event and TPM

The EVI-DEMS project partners met in Brussels at the beginning of March for the first Multiplier Event of the project - the European Level Dissemination event, and for the project’s final transnational partners meeting. 

On the 7th of March, the EVI-DEMS project partners met for an evening of networking hosted by CEV in Brussels with the aim to disseminate the EVI-DEMS project results. The event gathered over 60 people, in an evening that also closed Civil Society Week 2024. During the event, the participants had the opportunity to hear about the project by project coordinator Lucas Meijs, and counted also with important contributions on the importance of volunteering and its important role in civil society, from Mohammed Azahaf, CEV volunteering ambassador for 2023, Gabriella Civico, CEV Director, Lejla Šehić Relić, CEV President and Oliver Röpke, the president of the European Economic and Social Committee. 

As the final stage of the EVI-DEMS project approaches, the project partners met on the 8th of March, in Mundo Madou, hosted by CEV, to discuss the final steps of the project and evaluate the partnership and possibilities for future cooperation.  

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